The foundation of the first institute for agricultural education in Rajasthan was laid down by late Rawal Narendra Singhji in 1947. In 1962 Udaipur University, Udaipur was established and this college was made the constituent college and during 1964-65 initiated PG programmes (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) in disciplines like Soil Science, Plant Pathology, Agronomy, Entomology, Horticulture/Vegetable Science, Agricultural Extension Education, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Agricultural Economics and Plant Physiology. The college is currently pursuing the following academic programmes-(a) B.Sc. (Hons) Ag. 126 Seats (b) M.Sc. (Ag.) 61 Seats and (c) Ph.D. 26 students.

The College awards following degrees at under graduate and post graduate levels in the Courses of Agricultural Science.

UNDERGRADUATE: B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. Four-year Degree Programme

POST GRADUATE: M.Sc. (Ag.) in Agronomy, Soil Science, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension Education, Entomology, Vegetable Science, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology, Plant Physiology.

DOCTORATE: Ph.D. in Agronomy, Soil Science, Agricultural Extension Education, Entomology, Vegetable Science, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology.

Intake Capacity:

B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag. : 126 seats (70 normal seats + 40 Payment seats) + ICAR (16) M.Sc. (Ag.): 61 (38 normal Seats + 11 Payment Seats) + ICAR (12)

Ph.D. : 26 (13 normal Seats + 08Payment seats) + ICAR (5)



1.1 The students admitted to degree programme of Agriculture Faculty shall have to complete a fixed programme of study distributed over four academic sessions (years) comprising eight semesters.

1.2 Minimum/ Maximum residential requirement for the programme:

Minimum residential requirement 8 semesters

Maximum period for which a student can remain on the College roll 14 semesters

Note: In case a student does not complete his/her course work satisfactorily (5.0 out of 10.0) within the maximum prescribed period he/she shall no longer be a student of the University and the respective Dean/Principal of the College shall drop him/her from the College roll.

1.2.1 : Admission is incomplete without registration of required courses relevant to the degree programme. Hence, all students admitted must go through registration in person on the notified date and shall attend classes from the first day of the semester and the attendance shall be counted from the date of commencement of the semester.

1.2.2 : The student failing to register for the course in a semester within the time allowed shall be deemed to have discontinued during that semester and his / her name shall be dropped from the rolls of the College.

1.3 Definitions

1.3.1 'Academic Year' or 'Academic Session' of the University shall ordinarily be between July to June and shall consist of two semesters.

1.3.2 'Semester' is an academic term of normally 20 weeks including examination period.

1.3.3. 'Course' means a unit of instruction or a segment of a subject matter to be covered in a semester. Each course is assigned a specific number, title and credits.

1.3.4 'Credit hour' also written as 'Credits' implies that each credit hour will represent one hour of lecture or two to three hours of laboratory/field practical each week in a semester.

1.3.5 'Grade point' is a numerical number, which denotes students' performance in a course.

1.3.6 'Credit point' is the product of credit hours and grade point obtained by the student in a course.

1.3.7 'SGPA' (Semester Grade Point Average) is the average of the credit points of a semester.

1.3.8 'OGPA' is the overall cumulative grade point average obtained by the student in the courses taken in all the semesters completed by him/her in a degree programme.

∑ (Grade point in a course x Credit hrs of that course) OGPA = ∑ (Credit hrs of each course)

1.3.9 'Year' means an academic session consisting of two semesters. Say, first year means the first academic session of the prescribed courses of a degree programme. Similarly, second year, third year, and fourth year means second, third and fourth academic sessions, respectively.

1.4 Examination

1.4.1 There shall be a main theory and/or practical examination, conducted by the University at the end of each semester. The theory and practical examinations shall be of two hours duration each except otherwise specified.

1.4.2 Weightage to the theory and practical examinations in the courses of 3+1/2+1/1+2/1+1 credits shall be of 70 marks for theory and 30 marks for practical. However, in courses of 1/2/3+0 credits without practical 100 marks will be for theory only and in courses of 0+1/2/3 credits without theory 100 marks will be only for practical.

1.4.3 The total marks obtained in each course (including its theory and practical parts) are divided by 10 to obtain the grade point for that course. The grade point when multiplied by the total course credit gives a "Credit Point" for the course.

1.4.4 The distribution of marks for the final practical and theory examination shall be as under (notification No. SS/SKN/2016/923 dated 07.4.2016): Final Theory Examination – 70 marks Final Practical Examination – 30 marks (If a student has maintained attendance on the slot 76-80, 81-85, 86- 90, 91-95 and 96-100 per cent in a course, she/he shall be eligible for the incentive of 1,2,3,4 and 5 marks, respectively. There shall be no consideration for fractions. The incentive of 5 marks for attendance will be added in the weightage for practicals in courses having practicals.)

1.4.6 Passing requirement: The grading shall be done on a 10 point scale derived from dividing the percentage of marks obtained by 10.00. The minimum grade point for passing a course would be 4.00 out of 10.00 and for the degree 5.00 out of 10.00. When a course has theory as well as practical, the student is required to pass in theory and practical separately.

1.4.7 Those undergraduate students who fail to maintain an OGPA of 4.00/10.00 at the end of the first academic year or 4.50/10.00 at the end of second academic year & 4.75/10.00 at the end of III year as the case may be, shall be dropped from the college by the respective Dean/Principal automatically.

1.4.8 A Student who failed to secure less than an OGPA of 4.00/10.00 at the end of any academic year shall be dropped from the college by the respective Dean/Principal automatically. No petition shall be entertained.

1.4.9 A student who is dropped at the end of Second and Third academic year may be given two more extra semester to improve OGPA on his/her written request to the concerned Dean/Principal. If the OGPA is still not improved to the required level, he/she shall stand dropped from the college. However, such a student will be permitted to apply for a mercy petition to the Vice-Chancellor through the Dean/Principal of the College within a week's time from the date of declaration of result of previous semester. If permission for one more extra semester is granted, he/she shall have to clear courses so as to maintain a minimum OGPA of 4.50 /10.00 at the end of this semester. Failing this, he/she shall automatically stand dropped from the College.

1.4.10 Those students who either fail in theory and/or practical of a course or fail to maintain the minimum required OGPA of 5.00 at the end of any academic year shall repeat both theory and/or practical of such courses in which he/she failed and/or secured less than 5.00 grade point along with the final semester examination of the semester in which such courses are regularly offered. For this the student has to make a written request to the Dean/Principal within one week of the commencement of the semester in which this facility is to be availed and deposit the prescribed fee for the same.

EXPLANATION- The students who fail to maintain required OGPA at the end of an academic year shall be permitted to appear in the examination (theory as well as practical) only in such courses in which he/she has secured less than 5.00 grade point. This facility shall not be available to such students who are declared fail in a course on account of shortage of attendance.

1.4.11 Students who are detained on account of shortage of attendance in a course (theory and practical both) shall be required to clear such course(s) as a regular course in subsequent semester at the first available opportunity when they are regularly offered failing which he/she will not be permitted to offer courses of next higher semester. No change in the notified time table will be made to accommodate such courses.

1.4.12 Such a student will be permitted to offer additional credit load of not more than six credits or two subjects along with his/her regular courses. In case, a student is required to repeat courses of more than six credits, he/she will be required to clear such courses first i.e. before taking any course of higher semester. He/ She will not be permitted to take any additional course of regular semester with such courses.

1.4.13 Provision to appear in examination of due papers.

1.4.14 Provision of providing amanuensis to the students in examination.

1.5 Promotion to the Higher Class:

Regular students:

1.5.1 A student securing an OGPA of 4.00, 4.50 & 4.75 respectively at the end of I, II & III year examination shall be promoted in II, III & IV year failing which he/ she shall have to repeat such courses in which he/ she failed and/ or secured less & an overall OGPA 5.00 grade point is required for the award of B. Sc. (Hons.) Ag. degree. A student is permitted to take maximum five backlog papers (Theory and Practical) along with his/her regular papers in a semester.


1.5.2 A candidate may be permitted to appear as ex-student in the subsequent semester examination if he/she has completed attendance requirement and all the formalities of examination but fails to appear in examination in a course(s).

1.5.3 In case a student fails in theory paper(s) he/she will be allowed to appear as an ex-student in theory paper(s), the grade secured in practical(s) shall be carried on to the next examination. Identical would be for those failing in practical(s) only. The grade so obtained shall replace earlier grade in theory/practical as the case may be even if the grade obtained recently are less than grade obtained earlier.

1.5.4 A candidate who fails to maintain the required OGPA at the end of an academic year shall be permitted to appear in examination of only such courses (theory and/ or practical) in which he/she secured less than 5.00 grade point out of 10.00.

Note: In all such cases where a student repeats a course on account of either 'failing in a course or repeating a course for improving OGPA, his/her earlier grade points of the respective course(s) will be replaced by the subsequent grade points for the purpose of computation of OGPA and marked R.

1.6 Graduation Requirement:

After successful completion of all courses including RAWE with minimum OGPA 5.00/10.00 a student will become eligible for the degree.

1.7 General Rules Pertaining to Examinations:

1.7.1 A student who has been deputed by College/University authorities to represent India at an international meet/Championship/Tournament, does not appear in the final examination due to such participation, may be permitted to take missing papers at next final examination, when such course(s) is regularly offered as a special case. He/she, however, be required to seek prior permission from the University.

1.7.2 Examination schedule once announced shall not be changed.

1.7.3 No special examination shall be held for student who misses the examination on account of police custody, court attendance or fails and to attend for any other reason whatsoever.

1.7.4 Examinations will not be postponed due to failure of electricity.

1.7.5 The boycotted and walked out papers shall not be re conducted. This authority only rests with the Chancellor of the University.

1.8 Advisory System:

An advisor shall be assigned to each student by the Dean/ Principal at the time of registration. The student shall be required to fill up advisory form and his/her status would be regularly recorded and monitored by the advisor.

1.9 Letter Grades:

Following letter grades would be used to designate the status of the students:

F :Fail

S :Satisfactory

DE :Detained

US :Unsatisfactory

UM :Unfair means

R :Repeat

Note: All such courses which are cleared by repeating the same or repeated for improvement of OGPA to bring it to the minimum required level shall be marked by letter 'R' in the transcript in parenthesis.

1.10 Withdrawal from Semester:

A student shall be permitted to withdraw from a semester only two times in a degree programme subject to the condition that his/her academic performance is satisfactory i.e. OGPA 5.00/10.00 For withdrawal, he/she will be required to submit a written request at least one week prior to the commencement of final examination of the semester which is to be withdrawn.


Students admitted to a post-graduate programme will have to complete a minimum requirement of courses as prescribed for the specific programme. The academic session from July to June is divided into two Semesters.


Every Student shall have a major advisor who shall be from the student's major field of study. The programme of study of the student will be chalked out by the major advisor and the advisory committee after considering the student's previous academic attainments as per rules.


2.1 Every student admitted to post-graduate programme shall be required to complete the following requirements successfully, before he/she is admitted to the degree:

(i) Residential (ii) Course programme (iii) Comprehensive/Preliminary Examination and (iv) Thesis

2.2 M. Sc. (Agriculture):

2.2.1 The distribution of courses will be as follows:

I. Semester : Major Group : 3

Minor Group : 1

Supporting Group : 1

Common Course : 1

Advisory Committee and Course programme approval by Director Education

II-Semester : Major Group : 4

Minor Group : 1

Supporting Group : 1

Synopsis seminar and its approval, if research experiments undertaken in Kharif season

Ill-Semester : Major Group : 1

Minor Group : 1

Common Course : 4

Synopsis seminar and its approval, if research experiments undertaken in Rabi season

IV-Semester : Seminar : Comprehensive : Thesis

2.3 Ph.D. (Agriculture) :

2.3.1 The distribution of courses will be as follows: 

I. Semester: Major Group : 2/3 

Minor Group : 1

Supporting : 1

Advisory Committee and Course programme approval by Director Education

II-Semester: Major Group : 2

Minor Group : 1

Supporting : 1

Synopsis seminar and its approval, if research experiments undertaken in Kharif season


Synopsis seminar and its approval, if research experiments undertaken in Rabi season

IV-Semester : Seminar: Comprehensive: Thesis