Department of Extension Education

Identity of the department, aims and objectives

The department of extension education came into existence in 1964. M. Sc. and Ph. D. programme levels were introduced in the year 1969. The objectives of the department are:

  • Teaching of B. Sc. (H.) Ag. Students.

  • Teaching & Research programmes of M.Sc & Ph.D students

  • Transferring the technology developed by the university in farmers’ fields through extension wing of the department.

  • Conducting READY (Rural Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana) programme including educational tours for the students of B.Sc. (Hons) Ag. Final year.

Facilities or infrastructure

  • Placing students with the farmers in the village for practical training under real life situations.

  • Laboratory facilities are available for conducting practical of different courses.

  • Providing audio-visual support to smart classroom teaching/ workshops/ seminars.

  • Training of faculty in innovative teaching and training techniques.

  • Laboratory facilities for classroom based practicals.

  • Multipurpose training laboratory.

  • Multi-media laboratory.

  • Departmental Library.

  • Extension Theater facilities for all programmes of College & University level.

Name: Dr. I.M. Khan

Designation: Professor & Head

Specialization: Training Communication, ICT, Adoption

Contact: 9251307654


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Staff Information

Name: Dr. J.P. Yadav

Designation: Professor

Specialization: Training Communication & KVK Activities

Contact: 9414819414


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Name: Dr. B.S. Badhala

Designation: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Adoption & Communication

Contact: 9461707172


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Name: Dr. Santosh Devi Samota

Designation: Assistant Professor


Contact: 6367174712


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Name: Dr. Rajesh Singh

Designation: Assistant Professor (English)

Specialization: Phonetics, Plays & Drama

Contact: 9636941130


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Former Heads