S.K.N. College of Agriculture, Jobner is a premier institute of agriculture education founded in pre-independent period by the erstwhile administrator of Jobner and a visionary personality, Thakur Rawal Narendra Singh Ji. Prior to this, his father Thakur Karan Singh was pioneer in establishing the education system philanthropically in Jobner with the inspiration of Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj.

Growth of the College at Glance

1893 - Establishment of Anglo-Vedic High School

1947 - Upgraded to College founded by Late Rawal Narendra Singhji in July, 1947.

1951 - Produced 1st batch of agricultural graduates

1955 - Taken over by the State Government

1962 - Became constituent college of Rajasthan Agricultural University.

1964 - Initiated Master's Programme in Plant Pathology

1966-98 - Initiated PG programmes (M. Sc. and Ph. D.) in disciplines like Soil Conservation, Dry Land Agronomy, Plant Protection, Agronomy, Entomology, Horticulture, Extension Education, Soil Science & Ag. Chemistry, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Agricultural Economics, Plant Pathology and Plant Physiology.

2001-02 - Course curriculum for UG programme was extensively revised to meet present day needs.

2013 - Upgraded into University

Further Chronology of the College

1960-Government started research laboratory in entomology which was later on transferred to Durgapura, Jaipur. The building was then handed over to department of agronomy.

1961-A separate building of department of agricultural chemistry and soil science was constructed.

1962-Rajasthan Agricultural University was established at Udaipur and this college along with RCA, Udaipur and veterinary college, Bikaner were made the constituent colleges.

1964-Post graduation started in Plant pathology.

1965-Post graduation in Entomology and construction of the building of animal production and dairy science started. Building of NCC was also built, which at present also accommodates the post office and Bank of Rajasthan

1966-Construction of the buildings of agricultural engineering, horticulture and 24 residential quarters and one more student hostel was done. The post graduate programme also expanded

1967-Dr. N. Prasad was transferred to Udaipur and Dr. Ram Murti Singh joined as Associate Dean of the college. In this year, Jobner had its first telephone exchange and all the departments got the facility of telephones.

1970-The training farm, college building and residences were connected with metalled roads.

1971-A stadium was constructed. A soil conservation demonstration field was developed with international aid, which included 14 ha forest and grass land. Extensive farm levelling and fencing were taken up.

1972-Development work of library, hostels and extension education with ICAR aid were initiated.

1975-Dr. R. S. Rawat became Associate Dean and in his tenure residential quarters and guest house were constructed. A separate hostel for post graduate students (Aurobindo Hostel) was also constructed.

1978-Dr. S. N. Saxena was appointed as the Associate Dean. Raman Hostel was built and on 9th March, 1978, the campus commemorated the founder Rawal Narendra Singhji through unveiling his state.

1981-This period can be regarded as the time of expansion. The concept of NARP and regional research was promulgated and the faculty of agriculture as a whole and the SKN College of Agriculture in particular was strengthened. Dr. R.C. Mehta was again appointed as the Associate Dean & in his tenure the new building of Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Agricultural Economics and Plant Physiology and Several new residential quarters were constructed Facilities of central school, auditorium (Saraswati Bhawan) and cooking gas were provided. The post of Associate Dean was redesignated as that of Dean

1982-The annual system of examination and external evaluation was introduced in place of semester system & internal evaluation for under graduate programme.

1987-The PG programme was started in the department of Plant Physiology. The system of admission in post graduate programmes was changed and a pre-PG test was introduced

1990-The construction of a new library hall, residential quarters and new Dean Residence was completed.

1992-Computer facilities were created.

1993-Admission system for B.Sc. (Ag) was changed and Joint Entrance Test (JET) was introduced

1997-Construction of new building for department of biochemistry was completed Ph.D. programmes were approved in the departments of Entomology, Agronomy, Horticulture & Plant Physiology.

2013- College upgraded into university with the name of Sri Karan Narendra

2016- Establishment of Tissue culture laboratory under Plant breeding and genetics department funded by RKVY

2016- RKVY project on Gir Cow was started

2019- Sri Karan Nagendra Agri Business Incubator started to develop agri-entrepreneurship skilled with the help of Govt. of India.

2020- National Agricultural Higher Education Project was started with the help of World bank and Govt. of India for increase the quality of agriculture education

2020- Career Development Centre started

2020- Construction of Maru Sagar, Karan Sagar, Narendra Sagar was completed

2021- Digital Library and new boys hostel construction started under SC-SP Plan funded by Govt. of Rajasthan

2021- Establishment of PG department of Nematology in SKN COA Jobner

2021- Started construction of one new girl’s hostel

2021- Construction of Jwala Sagar (1 crore litter capacity) completed

2021- Platinum Year Celebration

2024 - Launch of College Website (https://skncoa.sknau.ac.in)