Department of Statistics, Mathematics & Computer Science


The department of Statistics, Mathematics & Computer Science came into existence in March 1965 in the college. In the beginning only one course at UG level and one at PG level were offered. With the introduction of various M.Sc. (Ag.) courses, the department now offers 4 UG, 4 M.Sc. and 1 Ph.D. course. The department is also actively engaged in the research activities of all the M.Sc. (Ag.) students by providing statistical advice regarding the designs of experiments, sampling techniques and analysis and interpretation of research data.

Aims & Objectives

  • To enable UG students to understand the quantitative techniques of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science.

  • To impart the theoretical & practical exposure of communication skill in English.

  • To guide M.Sc. (ag.) and Ph.D. Students about the statistical techniques and research methods that helps them to analyse their research data and interpret the results.

  • To facilitate all types of IT solutions in the university

Facilities and Infrastructure

  • The Department have two well-equipped Virtual class rooms consisting of 86” IFPD, e-podium, auto-tracking camera and effective AV system with uninterrupted internet connectivity

  • One computer lab comprising of 34 computer system

  • A partitioned staffroom with the capacity of 4 members

  • AR/VR Center of Excellence

  • English Digital Language Lab

  • Computational Center

Trainings/Workshops/Webinars Organized by the Department

  1. Online Training on “Digital Classroom for Effective Teaching” on 19.08.2020

  2. Webinar on “Applications of IoT in Agriculture” on 06.11.2020

  3. Online Workshop on “Effective Utilization of CeRA on 03.02.2021

  4. Online Training on “Digital Classroom Management” 30.04.2021

  5. Organized 4 state level online Workshop on “Gender Budgeting and Engendering Agriculture Development” 4-6, 8-10, 17-19 and 24-26 Feb, 2021.

  6. Training on “Data Analysis using Statistical Softwares” for MSc & PhD students of the College from 4-30th October 2022.

  7. Online Lecture on “Advanced Statistical Techniques in Agricultural research by Prof BVS Sisodia, NAAS Fellow, ICAR, New Delhi on 6th Jan 2021 in Association with CDC, SKNAU Organized Workshop on Virtual Classroom Management system both on offline as well as online mode for teaching staff of the University 22.02.2022

  8. Organized 4th Foundation Course on Basics of Computer and Internet for non-teaching staff of the university jointly with DHRD, SKNAU during 23-28th May 2022.

  9. Organized National webinar on Significance of Experimental Designs in Agricultural Research on the occasion of National Statistics Day on June 29, 2022 under the aegis of NAHEP

  10. One Week Induction Training on Data Analysis Using MS-Excel was conceptualized and organized for PG students of the college from 23-30 May 2023.

  11. Workshop on NARES - Blended Learning Platform (BLP) on 27.10.2023

  12. One-Day Training on Technical Cell Portal on 02.04.2024


  • Department of Statistics, Mathematics & Computer Science, SKN College of Agriculture, Jobner has prepared the new official university website of SKNAU, Jobner ( which was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice President of India Sh. Jagdeep Dhankar Ji during 11th Foundation Day Celebration of SKNAU on 14/09/2023.

  • The Department has conceptualized, designed, developed, hosted and maintaining new website of the SKN College of Agriculture, Jobner (  and was inaugurated by Dr. Balraj Singh, hon'ble Vice Chancellor on 22.03.2024 

Departmental Staff

Dr. Kiran Gaur

Associate Professor & Head


Dr. Pratibha Manohar

Assistant Professor (Mathematics)


Dr. Suresh Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor (Computer Science)


Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor (Statistics)


Dr. Sayantani Karmakar

Assistant Professor (Statistics)


AR/VR Center of Excellence

An “AR/VR Experience Center” has been established in the department of Statistics, Mathematics & Computer Science, SKNCOA, Sri Karan Narendra Agriculture University, Jobner. “AR/VR Experience Center” was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, SKNAU on 26.04.2023.

VR technology is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment that can be experienced through the use of a headset. This AR/VR Experience Center is a facility that has been established by ICAR, NAHEP-Component-2 to promote agricultural research, innovation and development through Virtual Reality. The center is equipped with advanced equipment that will enable faculty, research scholars and students to experience new applications and software related to agriculture in the field of virtual reality.

Virtual Classrooms

The Department has developed Virtual Classrooms having AI based 4K Auto-tracking camera which automates the movement of the teacher, 86 inch interactive touch panel, motorized e-Podium with mini PC and sound system. Virtual classrooms are online platforms where students and teachers can interact and engage in learning activities remotely. Through video conferencing tools, students can participate in live lectures, ask questions, and collaborate with their peers. This innovative approach to education not only provides flexibility and convenience but also enables students to develop digital literacy skills essential for their future success.

Computer Lab

The department has is a dedicated space equipped with computers connected to a network. It provides the necessary infrastructure and resources for individuals to access and utilize various software applications, conduct research, and complete computer-related tasks. They serve as invaluable learning and research tools, allowing users to browse the internet, create documents, analyze data, and develop programming skills. It provides a controlled and supervised environment to ensure the efficient and secure use of technology.

Departmental Gallery