Internet Cell

Aims and Objectives of the Cell

  • To monitor the 24X7 availability of college internet and troubleshoot problems related to leased line.

  • To collect data and update college website periodically.

  • To extend internet and Wi-Fi facility to new nodes on requirements.

  • To troubleshoot internet connectivity problems for all Departments and Hostels.

  • To maintain the security of internet access through Cyberoam Unified Threat Management installed in the internet Cell

Major Achievements

  • Upgradation of 100 mbps Internet Leased line speed from NKN

  • Extension of Wi-Fi Internet facility to all Hostels (Girls & Boys) and other units of the college.

  • Maintaining security of internet access by providing user name and passwords for internet access to individuals. Filtered access of websites through UTM.

  • Infrastructure and Major Equipments Available in the cell

  • Cyberoam-Unified Threat Management is available for cyber security.

  • A Base Station with three 2.4 Ghz Wireless Access Points with 3 Sector Antennas & one 5.4 Ghz Wireless Access Point with one omni-antenna are available to provide point to point internet connectivity and Wi-Fi access to all the blocks of campus.

  • Wireless Access Point along with Sector Antenna is installed in all hostels and Guest House for internet connectivity.

  • Internet Connectivity to all the departments is provided by AP Box installed and distributed in the departments through LAN.

Mr. Suresh Kr Sharma

Incharge, Internet Cell,


Member: Mr. Satish Gautam,, 09462817393