Department of Agricultural Economics


The department of Agricultural Economics has its beginning in the year 1964 as an integral part of SKN College of Agriculture, Jobner. At that time, the major responsibility of this department was to take undergraduate teaching. Post graduate programme for Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics was started in the year 1967. The Ph.D. programme by thesis work was introduced from the academic session 1970-71. Besides teaching, research and extension also became the main activities of the Department.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To offer education in agriculture planning, development and policies, finance, marketing and production aspects keeping in view of the changing global scenarios in agriculture and allied subjects.

  2. To carry out research through PG scholars in the field of agricultural economics pertaining to burning problems of society.

  3. Recommendations of the research of agricultural economics have been helpful for the farmers, entrepreneurs, executers, planners, policymakers, extension workers and NGOs.

  4. To carry out the work, whatsoever and whenever is being provided by the university and college authorities and also by the govt. - state or central.

  5. To strengthen the base for an economic strategy to promote economic well being through active planning.

Facilities and Infrastructure

A well equipped seminar hall, computer and internet facilities are available in the department for the PG students. Post Graduate study room is available in the department for personality development of students as well as staff. Indo stat software for analysis of data is also available in the Department.

Achievements of the Department

  1. Projects completed - 09

  2. Books published - 06

  3. Practical manuals published - 07

  4. Research papers published - 205

  5. M.Sc. Degree Offered - 180

  6. Ph.D. Degree Offered - 30

Name: Dr. P. S. Shekhawat

Designation: Assistant Professor & Incharge

Specialization: Production Economics and Ag. Marketing

Contact: 9414476214


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Staff Information

Name: Dr. Sheela Kharkwal

Designation: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Econometrics

Contact: 8929872343


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Name: Mr. Sonu Jain

Designation: Assistant Professor

Specialization: Agricultural Marketing

Contact: 07976765133


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Former Heads

Completed projects by the Department

Manuals Published

Department of Agricultural Economics, SKN College of Agriculture, Jobner organized week-long training program titled "Economic Dimensions of the Growing Startup Ecosystem in Agriculture and Allied Sciences: A Kaleidoscopic View" from 28 Nov. 2023 to 04 Dec. 2023.

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